Employer Services Provided

Full Time, Direct Hire, Temp-to-Hire

Locating and qualifying staff for core employee positions is critical to the success of today’s business. Corbett is prepared to help you meet your staffing challenges head-on through a screening and selections process that has been proven time and again.  Corbett even guarantees its results.

Our selection, screening and evaluation process, combined with our partnership approach, makes us uniquely qualified to target candidates who will increase your productivity and help improve your business in today’s competitive marketplace.

We use a broad-based approach to recruiting that includes an in-depth interviewing process, leading edge skills evaluation software and thorough background checking procedures.  We assign a primary contact to your company who personally visits the hiring location to meet with your staff.  Together, we discern not only your criteria for hire, but your corporate culture, so that our selected slate of candidates will blend seamlessly into your organization.

Whether you hire direct and receive our unconditional 90-day guarantee, or if you choose temp-to-hire and “pay-as-you-go,” Corbett Personnel will become your human resource partner and commit to helping you achieve lasting success.

Temporary, Supplemental, Contract

Our temporary assignment employees are rigorously screened, tested, and trained to staff your needs during vacancies, peak periods, or special projects, utilizing the latest interviewing techniques and testing programs.

Selected candidates undergo a thorough behavioral interview process. They are then tested, utilizing Kenexa Prove It! ®, a customized skills testing program, and checked (background, references, and drug) before they join our registry of available staff to fill your temporary requests.

At Corbett we not only meet or exceed your skills request, we pride ourselves in our ability to match an individual’s personal traits to your corporate culture. Our goal is that, while on a temporary assignment, Corbett employees blend with your core staff, to enhance productivity. Testimony to Corbett’s thoroughness is the fact that over 33% of our employees receive offers for full-time positions while they are on assignment.

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