Resume Tips

Our clients require a resume either before or as part of the interviewing process; therefore a well-written, “user-friendly” resume is critical – if poorly written, you won’t get to interview regardless of how qualified you may be for the position.

  • Keep it short; one page is best.
  • Tailor the objective to the position or leave it off all together.
  • Spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck!
  • Most companies will be scanning your resume into their database and therefore keep it simple: no underlining, bullets, graphics or italics.
  • Use a standard 12-point sans serif font – Times New Roman and Arial are good choices.
  • Plain white paper, please.
  • Give employment dates, both month and year.
  • Don’t just give a job description. Distinguish your resume by including your accomplishments for each position, keeping in mind most companies want their employees to save them time or money; as well as show percentage increases, awards, contributions to new ideas, etc.
  • Cover any weaknesses, never lie. Things like gaps in work history, unrelated job history, recent graduate with little experience, no degree, over qualified can be handled to still put your best foot forward.

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