Career Tips

Social media and online collaboration is fundamentally changing the way we work and how we are perceived. Many employers will review Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. as part of their selection process. Unless your privacy settings are carefully managed, the information you post is publicly available. And even with the strictest privacy settings, there is no guarantee that your information will not be accessible.

Writing a resume is a daunting task, and our resume tips should help you get started. Keep in mind that your resume is frequently your “first impression”. You will want to tailor your resume and cover letter to the available position. Lead with your strengths to distinguish yourself from the 30 other applicants applying for the position.

Always follow up any interview with a well composed thank you email. Remember to highlight your skills and strengths as they pertain to the position and reiterate your interest in the opportunity and company. Review our interviewing tips for additional information.

Behave as if every interaction matters; from the resume you submit to the initial phone call to the actual face-to-face interview. Even your cell phone voicemail message is an interaction, so make sure it is appropriate for a potential employer to hear.

Always dress professionally. Choose conservative colors and styles. If you observe more casual attire, call us and we will gladly inquire about future dress code for you.

Always arrive 5-10 minutes early to your assignment, especially on your first day, allowing enough time for traffic, parking, etc.

Maintain a positive attitude and treat every assignment as a full-time job. Over 33% of our assignment employees receive job offers while on a temporary assignment. Be flexible; try to fit in to each situation.

Limit personal telephone calls to emergencies only. Keep your cell phone off while you are working. Use of client email is not permitted.


Safety in the Office

To Provide for Your Safety, A Few Points to Remember:

  • Keep your desk and file drawers closed so you won’t trip and fall.
  • If at all possible, filing cabinets should be bolted to the floor or wall.
  • Make sure your computer has adequate space on your desk so that it is secure to use.
  • Use a step ladder when reaching for objects in high places.
  • Sit properly in your chair.
  • Keep aisles clean. Use the aisles. That is what they are for.
  • Do not take shortcuts.
  • Watch where you walk.
  • Use the handles when closing your desk or file drawers.
  • Clean up any spills or breaks immediately.
  • Store sharp objects separately.
  • Keep electric and phone wires out of your way at your workstation.
  • Disconnect all electrical equipment before you try to fix or adjust it.
  • Lift objects carefully. Keep your back straight and use your legs. Do not attempt to lift over 25 pounds.
  • Know where all fire extinguishers and fire exits are located.
  • Promptly take care of any injury. If an injury does occur while on an assignment through Corbett Personnel Services, notify our office immediately.

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